Semi Truck Accident

Did you know? Semi Truck (Tractor Trailer or 18-wheeler) accidents kill or injure a person every 15 minutes. are often more complex and distinctive from typical motor vehicle accidents. The injuries and damage are likely to be severe and the insurance coverage involved is much higher than in personal car accidents.


A semi truck accident case will analyze the truck driver’s knowledge and experience in the subject truck and in trucking, and also whether the driver was ill, tired, or impaired. The trucking company’s history with this truck and this driver is relevant to whether the driver and the truck should have been out on the road at the time. but also the trucking company’s behavior. Semi trucks are highly-regulated at the federal level because of their size, cargo, and potential danger on the highways and interstates of Colorado. Some of the many considerations in a semi truck accident case include:


- What is the driver’s knowledge and experience level with trucking?
- Was the driver speeding?
- Was the driver impaired from drugs and/or alcohol?
- Was the driver careless?
- Was the driver reckless?
- Did the driver and/or trucking company disregard bad weather conditions?
- Was the truck properly inspected and verified as safe?
- When was the last time the truck was serviced and for what purpose?
- Were the tires defective?
- Were the brakes defective?


If you are injured in a semi truck accident, it is important to seek medical attention immediately.


Colorado allows victims of semi truck accidents to pursue Economic Damages and Non-Economic Damages. Victims of semi truck accidents maybe able to recover property damage, medical bills, future medical needs, wage loss, future earnings loss, permanent impairment, scarring, or pain and suffering.


Semi Truck Accident cases are complex. Your doctor can help you maximize your medical recovery, and your lawyer can help you maximize your legal recovery.