Hit & Run

In Colorado Hit & Run is covered by several statutes.

  • Accident Involving Damage, § 42-4-1602: requires that a person involved in an accident involving damage shall immediately stop at the scene or as close to it as practical until information has been exchanged.
  • Duty to Give Notice, Information and Aid, § 42-4-1603: requires a driver causing injury or damage to provide their name, address, and registration number of their vehicle. They are further required to provide aid for any person injured by their actions.
  • Duty upon Striking Unattended Vehicle or Property, § 42-4-1604: requires a person striking unattended property or parked vehicle to stop, locate the owner or leave the required information via writing in a conspicuous place. The driver shall also report the accident to authorities.
  • Duty upon Striking Highway Fixtures or Traffic Control Devices, § 42-4-1605: requires notification to the road authority owner that fixture or device (often a sign).
  • Duty to Report Accidents, § 42-4-1606: requires the reporting of any accident involving damage or injuries to police.

Any of these offenses can result in a fine and/or jail as well as a 12-point offense that can revoke a driver's license.

What if I or a vehicle belonging to me was involved in an accident that has not been reported to law enforcement?

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