2nd Amendment Rights

Have you been denied for the purchase of a firearm?

  • In Colorado, persons convicted of felonies are not allowed to possess firearms. Furthermore, persons convicted of acts of domestic violence can also be barred from purchasing or possessing firearms. Additionally, persons on bond or on probation can be barred from buying or possessing firearms. There are certain other categories that could bar a person from firearms possession that are not as common.
  • Are the government records accurate?  Sometimes yes, sometimes no. If you are being barred from buying a weapon for an erroneous rationale you have legal recourses available to you. Please contact us for a consult.
  • What if I do have a felony or misdemeanor domestic violence conviction that is barring me from owning a firearm, is there anything I can do? You can always petition for a pardon. That is usually done by the governor of the state in which you were convicted or via the president if it is a federal offense. We can help you apply for a pardon through the governor's office in Colorado if that is were the conviction originated.

Have you been denied for a Concealed Carry Permit? 

  • Under Colorado law a denial can only happen if the sheriff's office in the county you are applying for a permit in has a legally valid rationale for denying you a permit.
  • Can I appeal the denial of a conceal carry permit? Absolutely. The sheriff is required to review a denial. Furthermore if there is a second denial, the matter can be taken before a Judge who can order a sheriff to issue a permit if the reason for denial is invalid.